Warhawk Ranks

Warhawk features a ranking system based on your in-game points and awards earned. These points and awards are recieved for playing on ranked servers only.

To achieve a rank you need to have both the required points and required award. Only having one will not get you the rank.

Note: The game currently has a bug where your rank may not be what it should be. (It typically seems to be too high). This is being worked on. Until this is fixed your rank may not correlate to the list below. Once they fix this bug, the below table should be accurate.

There is also an issue of it looking like your rank has been set back to Recruit. Your rank hasn't actually been reset, it is just that the stats server didn't give back any data, so your PS3 thinks you are a Recruit. However, you did not lose your ranking, you just need to try and view your profile again and again until you get valid data back.

Rank Points Required Award
Recruit 0 None
Airman 100 None
Airman 1st Class 500 Bandit Teamwork
Sergeant 1 250 Warhawk Recruiting
Chief Sergeant 2 500 Bandit Ground Combat
Wingman 5 000 Bandit Air to Air
Wing Leader 9 000 Bandit 4x4
Sergeant Major 15 000 Bandit Tank
Cmd Sergeant 25 000 Warhawk Aerial Gunnery
2nd Lieutenant 35 000 Distinguished Air Superiority
1st Lieutenant 50 000 Team Cross
Commander 70 000 Combat
Captain 90 000 Air Combat
Major 110 000 Warhawk Exemplary Service
Air Marshal 130 000 Warhawk Executive Award
Cmd Marshal 155 000 Warhawk Service
Lt. Colonel 180 000 Distinguished Combat
Colonel 210 000 100 Warhawk Wings
Brigadier Gen. 240 000 Presidential Meritorious Conduct
General 275 000 Distinguished Air Combat


What rank you are determines what level Sony server you can get on


Thanks to MaverickXS for the 'Servers' info.